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Salish Sea Day Of Action To Bring Cross-Border Communities Together

Sep 14, 2018

Communities concerned about marine health in Washington and British Columbia will take part Saturday in a Salish Sea Day of Action.   

The first-time event brings together diverse groups on both sides of the border. All are calling attention to issues that affect the water in the shared ecosystem.

Ruchi Stair is a member of the climate activist group 350 Seattle. She came up with the idea for the joint day of action and says she hopes it will send a powerful signal of broad concern to legislators, the governor and the prime minister.

“This is not a Canadian issue or a Washington issue. This is a water issue. And my hope is that people who live in small places around the Salish Sea will know that they are not alone in their concern, that we're unified in our voice and empowered," Stair said.

About 30 gatherings are part of the event. They will take place everywhere from Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver B.C. to the Gulf Islands and even as far afield as Wenatchee, where the community is concerned about an affected salmon run.

Several events are focused on the plight of endangered southern resident killer whales; others involve beach cleanup or pipeline opposition. Another is an international vigil for melting Arctic Sea ice and protest against climate pollution caused by cruise ships.  

You can find more information about the events here.