Road rage in the frozen food aisle! | KNKX

Road rage in the frozen food aisle!

Feb 8, 2012

It happened to KPLU's Grooveyard and Weekend Edition host Kevin Kniestedt. Assaulted by a deranged woman in an electric shopping cart at a local supermarket.  Click "listen" to hear him describe his harrowing ordeal.

Up to now the worst behavior I've witnessed in supermarkets has been of the 40-items-in-the-express-lane variety. I once saw a guy toss the empty wrapper of a giant-size package of Oscar Meyer headcheese onto the conveyer while mumbling through his cold-cut crammed mouth: "I already ate it."

But, I don't think you could call that aggressive exactly.

I've never seen nor even heard of a shopper being deliberately rammed by an electric cart. And not even during a sale! As we heard in the interview, Kevin chose to make no remark and take no action other than to get out of the woman's way. How would you have handled a situation like this? 

Here's a self-inflicted shopping cart fail:

Let's close with this piece of good advice from the Washington State Patrol which now seems as applicable to shoppers as drivers.

"Don't make aggressive hand gestures to the other drivers when they offend you with their driving."

-From the WSP web page on aggressive driving and road rage.