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The Risks And Rewards Of Being A Band That's Hard To Label

Mar 25, 2017

A lot of bands have a very particular sound that is very identifiably them, and that often makes it easier to be marketed and defined. But Sebastian and the Deep Blue, from one song to the next, can sound like a completely different band. In fact, in their “about” section on their website, this is how they define themselves:

“Sebastian and the Deep Blue is a Post punk inspired Chamber pop band with full brass and string section. A high-energy, horn-powered, afrobeat inspired alternative rock and roll band. Artful arrangements combine with pop sensibilities to create a sound which is undeniably their own. Think Talking Heads, Budos Band and Sufjan Stevens all rolled into a burrito. A musical burrito.”

This has the potential to be risky when developing a fan base or approaching record labels. Sebastian and the Deep Blue performed a song for us, but first band leader Barry Sebastian sat down with Sound Effect producer Kevin Kniestedt to talk about the reward of not being labeled, and why creativity trumps all for him.

The band, which carries two vocalists, guitar, bass, drums, violin, two saxophones and a trombone, then performed their song, "Risk Reward."

This story originally aired on Nov. 5, 2016