Revising History: Sound Effect, Episode 175 | KNKX

Revising History: Sound Effect, Episode 175

Apr 20, 2019

When you revise history, it can go either way: You can nudge the story a little further away from the truth, or you can correct the mistakes in and omissions from the historical record. On today's show, we have a bit of both. 

We start with clips from a “documentary” that suggests that Noah’s Ark might be buried near Mount Baker. Then, a group is looking to add names to unnamed graves at an old cemetery. Next, a woman wants the real story of a decades-old war to be made public. Also, the story behind some made-up, grunge-era terminology. We find out that some of the things we think we know as gospel about our city just aren’t true. Finally, how it feels when history casts one of your heroes as the bad guy.  

Sound Effect showcases stories inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by KNKX's Gabriel Spitzer.