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The power of sour

Feb 23, 2011

I like it straight out of the bottle, no ice, no glass.  And with apologies to Fast Eddie Felson, I don't mean JTS Brown bourbon.

I'm talkin' vinegar.  And in this Food for Thought Nancy and I talk about its many uses  -- including a  great tip on how to make that cheap Balsamico taste more like the high-priced kind.

I keep at least eight or nine varieties of vinegar on hand -- everything from the standard red wine stuff to the Chinese Chinkiang black rice variety.  Plus a shake-bottle of white vinegar with a bunch of those vicious little Thai bird's eye chilies steeping in it, biding their time  while waiting their chance to jump out at you!  Still, compared to Nancy Leson I'm vinegar deprived.  The woman has several Lazy Susans full of the stuff.

Humans have been making and using vinegar for at least ten thousand years.  We've been producing it commercially for about two thousand.  And no wonder.  Look at all the uses it can be put to.   If you have a favorite vinegar tip please share it with the rest of us. 

Now, on to new, exciting business.

Here's your chance to win a gorgeous Sur le Table enameled cast iron cooking pot.  All you have to do is win the Ugliest Cooking Pot contest we're running now through Tuesday March 1st.  You have till then to shoot us a picture of your ugly cooking pot.  The one Nancy and I judge to be Uber Uglee wins this baby.

Don't have a pot that looks ugly enough?  Well, you just go right ahead and make it uglier using any means at your disposal.  Just let your conscience be your guide.  Entry and contest details are here -- and good luck to all.