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The Posey Show: Sound Effect, Episode 185

Aug 24, 2019

This week on Sound Effect, producer Posey Gruener shares a few favorites from the stories she's produced this year. You'll hear a love story, visit a graveyard, and meet a rapping rabbi. You'll also hear a personal story.

Our love story is the kind you don't hear very often: a love story about what happens after happily ever after. In the 1970s, TV Chef Graham Kerr was at the height of his fame.  In this intimate interview, he reveals how that fame almost ruined his marraige — and how they came back from the brink.

We'll visit a graveyard outside a mental institution where, until recent years, the graves have been marked only with numbers. There, we'll meet a woman who is working to replace those numbers with names.

We'll get to know Rabbi Simon Benzaquen, who has made it his personal mission to reinvigorate a dying language by taking ancient love songs and turning them into rap.

And, in the full broadcast version, we'll meet the woman who saved Sound Effect producer Posey Gruener's birthday from a cult. Really.