Pearl Django: Still Swinging Like Crazy After All These Years | KNKX

Pearl Django: Still Swinging Like Crazy After All These Years

Jul 11, 2017

After more than a quarter century, that Mighty Engine of Rhythm still swings like mad. Pearl Django’s KNKX studio session hit the ground running with Floyd Hoyt Rides Again, from their new CD With Friends Like These

Written by Pearl Django guitarist Tim Lerch, it’s named for one of the many noms de jazz of founding member Dudley Hill.

Fiddler Michael Gray says some of Dudley’s other aliases were The New Johnny Sands, and Michael’s personal favorite, H. Burnell Delahoopay. 

In this session, Michael, originally from Philly, revealed that he was a former dancer on American Bandstand! 

You know a guy for years and never realize he’s one of the Cool Kids.

In addition to Lerch and Gray, the other cool kids in the band are 19 year Pearl Django veteran bassist Rick Leppanen, guitarist Jim Char (“Long-time Pearl Django fanboy”) and accordionist, co-producer and recording engineer David Lange.

Lange says he started accordion when he was five but after reaching his teen years “When I wanted a date” he switched to other keyboards. We’re so glad he’s back on accordion.

In the course of this session all the players tell of their surprisingly diverse musical backgrounds.

Thanks guys for this session and for all these years of great Pearl Django music.