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Parenthood: Sound Effect, Episode 111

Jul 8, 2017

This week on Sound Effect, we share stories about our parents, and about being parents.

Trick Riders 

The McMillan family in Soap Lake, Wash. has taken in seven foster children. Most of the kids are now accomplished horseback riders, often performing tricks at rodeos. Lynette McMillan explains why she felt drawn to adopt these kids and how the rodeo lifestyle helps them adjust to a new life.  

My Mom Back Then

What if you could meet your mom or dad at the same age you are now. What would it be like? Sound Effect producer Allie Ferguson got that chance in a strange way.

Crawling To Achieve

Mike Long was not a good student in grade school. And after several attempts to try and correct the problem, his parents found a doctor who felt that in order for Mike to be a better student, he needed to get on all fours and crawl around the house.

The Happiest Six Year Old At The Bar

Some of writer Nancy Leson’s earliest food memories come not from the family dinner table or from holiday feasts, but from bars. As early as age six she would pull up a barstool and munch on Slim Jims and hard-boiled eggs, and sip a Coke garnished with many, many maraschino cherries. And what was a kindergarten-age Nancy doing at a bar? That’s where, she explains, she would find her mother. Nancy takes a break from her “Food for Thought” duties to tell us about those memories, and how they color the difficult relationship she had with her mother.

I Love You, Dad

Irish-American writer Dominic Black never exchanged much sentimental talk with his otherwise loving father. However, one day in his 30s, Dominic felt it was finally time to say, "I love you." He shares this essay about why those words went unspoken for so long -- and what it was like to finally express it out loud. 

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