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Owning A Restaurant: Nancy's Dream, Stein's Nightmare

Sep 26, 2018

When Nancy Leson's husband, Mac, didn't get her a new toaster for their 21st anniversary, she bravely hid her disappointment.  But it all worked out better than okay when he took her to dinner at  their new favorite restaurant. 

"When Mac goes to a restaurant with me and says 'I love this place' and we can't wait to go back?  That's a huge gift for me," she said.

Lamb sausage with preserves at Opus Co.
Credit Nancy Leson / KNKX

"We went to Opus Co., just this tiny little place in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood.  Just 17 seats.

"Mark Schroeder, the chef and owner, is a really talented guy and he works with a small group of really talented people."

The food sure sounded nice.  When I asked about menu items, she had me at Lamb Spam, but that grilled lamb sausage sure looks good.

My big thrill is that Dad's Diner, that great Anacortes place we talked about a few months ago opened  their Seattle location back in July in the former space of Babirusa at 2236 Eastlake Ave E. to raves.  And yes, those are hand picked LPs under the polymer on the counter.  Can't wait to hit it on our next trip north from Tacoma.

Dad's in Eastlake

Nancy dreams of having her own place like Opus.  She says she'll have comfy seats and hire son Nate to do the cooking.  I can see several problems with that plan.

1. Hiring a relative.

2. Comfy seats means slower table turnover.  Are you sure you've thought this all the way through, Nance?

I have.  Which is why my dream joint, Dick's Hub Cap Cafe (Registered Nurse on duty) will forever remain just that.

"When in a restaurant always choose a table near the waiter." – Found on Sumarian cuniform tablet