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Oso five years later: Managing grief after great loss

Mar 21, 2019


Tomorrow marks five years since the devastating Oso landslide killed 43 people. It forever changed the lives of residents in the small Snohomish County town, and affected thousands of others from across the region who responded to help.

As part of the KNKX Connects project, we’re remembering the victims and the families and friends who continue to grieve. KNKX Morning Edition host Kirsten Kendrick spoke with Laura Takacs, who is a clinical director and therapist at Virginia Mason specializing in sudden and traumatic loss.

“Often times there are expectations that grief should look a certain way,” said Takacs, who didn’t work directly with any of the Oso survivors. “The realization is that it doesn’t.”

Takacs says everybody experiences grief differently. And, she added, it’s a result of deep care for the person or people lost.

“Grief is an expression of our love for someone,” she said.

Listen to the full conversation above.