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One Young Man Sets Out To Find A Family To Call His Own

Oct 6, 2018

This story originally aired on December 9, 2017.   

When Darren Maypower was 16 years old he was in his fourth foster care home. Even though he was less than two years shy of becoming an adult in the eyes of the state, he still held out hope that he would find a family to call his own. His criteria was quite simple: stability and love. 

At the same time Darren was searching for his future parents, two women were also looking to complete their family. Christine Colling and Carrie Power, two educators who live on Vashon Island, originally planned on and prepared for adopting an elementary school age child. However, on one particular day, those plans were tossed aside. 

In this story you'll hear how a young man never gave up up hope. You'll also hear how plans that don't always work out, end up being the best outcome you could ever hope for.  And sometimes, just when you think your family is complete, a brand new door opens that you never expected.