Odd Couples: Sound Effect, Episode 90 | KNKX

Odd Couples: Sound Effect, Episode 90

Jun 10, 2017


This week on Sound Effect, we bring you stories of odd couples and the unique ways people are drawn together. 

Man's Best Frenemy

KNKX general manager Joey Cohn has worked hard to befriend one particular co-worker: Winston. He wonders why they just can't get along.

The Up House

Edith Macefield, owner of the iconic "Up" house in Ballard, has become a symbol of standing up to urban development. But Barry Martin, the construction foreman for the surrounding shopping center, was her closest friend when she died. He reflects on their unique relationship. 

A Bare-Knuckled Rivalry Among Brothers

Many people know of Phoenix Jones, the Seattle-based real life superhero. Many might not know that he has a brother. And as it turns out, there are plenty of things that these siblings don't agree on. So much, in fact, that they want to take out their aggression towards each other in a mixed martial arts setting. Gabriel Spitzer sat down with both brothers to talk about where this animosity comes from, and how they plan to worth that out.

Boy Meets Girl

Vic Vogler once fell for a charming violin player at Pike Place Market. But after their break up she went on to murder a future lover. He wonders what this says about their relationship. 

To Cuddle Or Not To Cuddle 

KNKX reporter Ariel Van Cleave has never been fond of affectionate physical contact, like hugs and cuddling. In this story, she challenges her self to cuddle with a stranger and discovers truths about herself in the process.

Sound Effect is your weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by knkx's Jennifer Wing.