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New pie bakeries roll out in Seattle

Feb 2, 2011

The shrink-ray is insatiable. First it came for our donuts. Now it focuses on pies. These days you can get ‘em so small they should come with postage stamps instead of napkins.

In this Food for Thought, Nancy Leson tells about two of the new mini-pie joints recently opened in Seattle: Pie, located in city's Fremont neighborhood, and High 5 Pie on Capitol Hill. 

Now, Nancy thinks that a pie the size of a 50 cent piece is just fine but my motto, in food as in power tools, is “Always get the big one.” Better to have it and not need it... right? 

So, would you even bother with a pie the size of a Repo-Man’s heart? Or do you think size does matter?

“The meal is not over when I am full.  The meal is over when I hate myself.” -- Louis CK


Nancy Leson's All You Can Eat Blog at The Seattle Times