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New Music From Vancouver BC & Portland

Sep 10, 2018

Some recent and soon-to-be-released new music from Vancouver BC and Portland is featured on this weeks episode.  Vancouver B.C. vocalist Karin Plato's seventh release "This Could Be The One" features her original songs and is coming out this month. Portland trumpet player and composer Charlie Porter is releasing an ambitious debut - a collection of original music for solo through sextet groups of Portland musicians.  In addition, a new album by composer-arranger Oliver Groenewald's NewNet featuring Jay Thomas which will be released with a concert at The Earshot Festival.

Other recent releases by Vancouver saxophonist Cory Weeds, singer Johnaye Kendrick and others will be included in this week’s episode. Next week, John Gilbreath of Earshot Jazz will be guest to talk about and share music by some of the artists appearing at The Earshot Jazz Festival, Oct 7- Nov 4.