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Nancy's Ladies Who Lunch on Blintz Souffle

Sep 30, 2015

Nancy says her Aunt Joan's voice, "could stop a clock."  I've heard Aunt Joan's voice and I am confident that it could stop a runaway train.  Don't believe me?  Check out the video Nancy shot of a kaffeeklatsch even louder than said train.

In this week's Food for Thought Nance tells about her visit with Aunt Joan and her buddies in South Florida and observes that  people around here seem to socialize more at restaurants and coffee shops than at home.  That seems true to me, though recluse that I am, I hardly ever socialize anywhere.

That item in the center of the table is the blintz soufflé Joan made for her guests.  I told Nancy that, "When I think of a soufflé, I think of something light, which blintzes are not."  After hearing the recipe, I told her I didn't think that soufflé could rise with an Atlas booster rocket under it.

"Here's to the ladies who lunch" -- Stephen Sondheim