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Nancy's crepe-shot

Apr 13, 2011

What kind of kid prefers crepes to pop tarts for breakfast? 

Nate, the son of a Seattle Times  food writer, that's who.   And of course good Mom Nancy Leson, actually obliged him.  As I told her in this Food for Thought episode my mother would have said "What're you, nuts?" and tossed me one of those mini Rice Krispies boxes you can pour the milk right into.

Still, after reading this recipe I must admit that they really seem pretty simple to make.  Fun, too.  Give it a shot.  Sure, the regular lemon and sugar is fine but let's promote a little crepe creep. What about Velveeta and canned Vienna sausage? Or even a thin slice of chocolate cake drenched in brown gravy?

Let your conscience be your guide and post below.

"Love is a fire of flaming brandy
Upon a crepe suzette”

-- 10 cc 'Life is a Minestrone'