Music, Vol. 6: Sound Effect, Episode 214 | KNKX

Music, Vol. 6: Sound Effect, Episode 214

Oct 24, 2020

This week on Sound Effect, it’s all about music. We take a look back at some of our favorite stories about musicians, their work and what inspired it. First, we meet a software engineer who created a map of Seattle bands and their connections. Then, a bassist for the band Great Grandpa discusses the intersection of nursing and art. We meet the Mariner who blew a ball foul and made a funk hit about the Kingdome. A country star talks about how bullying motivated him on field and on stage. And finally, one Seattle rapper talks about artistry as an outlet for processing heartbreak.

And we have an announcement. After nearly six years of bringing you stories inspired by the place we live, Sound Effect will sign off for good Oct. 31. Next week, we will air a special two-hour finale looking back at the incredible stories we’ve been privileged to share with listeners over the years. Don’t miss it.