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More vaccine on its way to Washington, but it still won't meet demand

Feb 22, 2021

More vaccines are on the way to Washington state. 

Cassie Sauer, the CEO of the Washington State Hospital Association, says the thousands of doses that were postponed because of bad weather last week will arrive this week.  

"There's going to be essentially a double delivery of last week's vaccine doses and this coming week’s vaccine doses," Sauer said. "Hospitals aren't getting a ton of first-dose allocation for next week. And so I'm actually quite confident that on the hospital side, we are going to be able to work through our vaccine doses from both last week and this week quite quickly. So I think that's exciting news that we'll be able to get through both second and first doses in the coming weeks."

The association is also reporting that hospitals continue to see a decline in COVID patients. The drop began last month. 

UW medicine’s ICUs are still very busy but with fewer COVID patients. 

Dr. Patricia Kritek with UW Medicine says the best way for the public to thank medical workers who have had a grueling past 12 months is to continue to wear masks and socially distance. 

Meanwhile, the state Department of Health says Washington’s three-week vaccine delivery forecast from the federal government is gradually increasing.  

DOH says while this is encouraging, the number of promised doses over the next three weeks is still short of the demand.