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Molten Hot Jazz Fusion Of Seattle's Polyrhythmics

Sep 8, 2017

In Polyrhythmics' musical blender you'll find soul, jazz, r&b, psychedelia, funk, afrobeat and echoes of traditional music from around the world. But after ten years together, they point to the Seattle music community as the driving force of their success.

Over the course of three outstanding albums and a handful of singles, Polyrhythmics have gained the attention of instrumental soul and dance music fans around the world, and fans of modern jazz are noticing, too. 

Their new release, the double-LP Caldera, hits streets on September 22nd with a pair of singles already available to hear online and getting airplay on the KNKX modern jazz show The New Cool. It's a continuation of their musical identity, but more so - coming together after a band retreat to the shadows of Mt Hood to work on composing as a band.

The resulting songs are supremely catchy, but the tight arrangements and performance really make them work. Here's a 8-piece band (plus an extra percussionist for this studio session) who've learned each other's tricks over the years, and each performance is an object lesson in working together. Here's to keeping this musical family together for years to come!