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Making mochi to ring in the year

Jan 5, 2011

It's the first Food for Thought of 2011, so Nancy and Dick put the spotlight on a little morsel associated with the start of a new year from the Japanese tradition: Mochi making.  

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Mochi are small glutinous rice rounds that Nancy describes as being 'a bit' like dumplings. 

Now before we take this any further, take a look at how some fast-moving Mochi makers in Japan paddle their rice gluten, prepping it for the feast: 

On this side of the pond, Nancy was invited to take part in an annual mochi-making gathering in Seattle's International District a few days ago.

The families who get together for this annual fun soak sweet rice in water a day before the mochi is to be made, and used electric blenders to prep it for its yummy consumption.

If you thought mochi was ice cream, take a listen to hear Nancy describe how the rice gluten is finished to sweet perfection. 

Stay with this video, showing a more modern approach to mochi making. It has a surprise ending!