Live Studio Session: Marcia Ball | KNKX

Live Studio Session: Marcia Ball

Feb 11, 2015

Since the mid-1970s, Marcia Ball has been doing her part to turn the world into a party with her blues and boogie-woogie piano playing and singing, so we were overjoyed to welcome her back to the KPLU performance studio. Sure enough, she turned it into a party. Again.

As she told KPLU’s Abe Beeson, she was in Seattle promoting her new CD, The Tattooed Lady & The Alligator Man. The three songs in this session are all from that release. Between songs she talked with Abe about growing up in Louisiana, the early days of the Austin music scene and how important it is to write socially conscious songs that you can dance to. As you’ll hear, there’s nobody more fun to hang out with than Marcia Ball.


  1. Like There's No Tomorrow
  2. Human Kindness
  3. The Tattooed Lady & the Alligator Man

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