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Let's Get Lyrical: The Best of Sound Effect's Musical Stories

Nov 28, 2015


This week on Sound Effect, Gabriel Spitzer and his team scour the archives for the show's most memorable musical segments.

We kick off with a short lesson on a tiny instrument, as Gabriel Spitzer literally tries his hands at the ukulele at the house of a renowned uke expert in Wallingford. Then, off to Vito's on First Hill with Ed Ronco to hear from the restaurant's beloved piano player, Ruby Bishop.

Some say the hardest part of being an artist is all the rejection and those people are not wrong. But one group of Seattle authors decided to use that rejection as an inspiration to make more art and music. The Rejections come to KPLU to talk failure and play a few tunes.

Anton Schwartz abandoned his doctoral thesis on artificial intelligence in order to pursue a career in music. Schwartz made the decision to leave academia after suffering from chronic fatigue. Sound Effect producer Kevin Kniestedt spoke with Schwartz about his transition from computer science to jazz music.

David Montgomery may have won a MacArthur "genius" award for his work as a geomorphologist, but his love of rock(s) also bleeds into his work as a musician in the local band, Big Dirt.

And Amanda Frazier, a song writer in a tropical paradise tells us why she was jealous of the Seattle rain.