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Let's do lunch!

May 29, 2013

In my whole life I've never even had a one-martini lunch. I stay right here in the KPLU Jazz Bunker, wolfing down last night's leftovers.  If you think  Seattle Times food writer Nancy Leson  is lunching more luxuriously, think again.

Nance reveals the shocking truth about her noontime devourments in this week's episode of Food for Thought.  Hint: No martinis.

“The truth of the matter is, I’m often chained to my desk like so many hardworking wonks around here, working my way through lunch,” she said.

Nancy says she’ll step out from time to time, but just to grab something fast.

“I really like to go to Sushiland,” she said. “You’re in you’re out. It’s really inexpensive. You get your fix of sushi, spend about 10 bucks, and you’re back to the office as fast as possible.”

Nancy says it’s not common for her to work her way through lunch until “I’m starving out of my gourd.”

“And that’s when I check into my drawer where I hide nice crackers and peanut butter. I even keep cans of sardines, which drive my work mates crazy, I’m sure,” she said.

Are three-martini lunches a myth?

Do people really go out and drink, drink, drink at lunch?

“Absolutely true,” says Nancy, who worked in a high-end restaurant for nearly five years.

“Frequently, people are entertaining. They’re shmoozing clients, and they’re ordering a cocktail or having a bottle of wine. “

But times have changed, says Nancy.

“The three-martini (lunch) is not what is used to be,” she says. “People are far more likely these days to take a walk with someone or share a yoga class with them at lunchtime rather than sit down for a multi-course lunch with them.”

What do you do for lunch?  Stay at work?  Go out?  Alone?  With friends?  Do tell.

"When people you greatly admire appear to be thinking deep thoughts, they probably are thinking about lunch."

– Douglas Adams