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Leah Natale And Ambiance In The KNKX Studios

Jul 21, 2017

Seattle Kobe female jazz vocalist of the year Leah Natale and local group Ambience are fond of the oldies -- the really old, oldies. The newest song they played for us when they dropped by for a performance in the KNKX studios was from 1953 - ("Baubles Bangles and Beads" written for the 1953 musical "Kismet" by Robert Wright and George Forrest.) Natale's very favorite type of  singing involves big band jazz. Her clear tone and voice lends to a smaller group like Ambience beautifully however.   Chris Busa was able to create the sounds of many instruments on his wind synthesizer while drummer Jeff Busch added special island flair to a samba tune.  Catch the group playing around the Puget Sound area. 

Band members include Leah Natale (vocals), George Stone (guitar), Chris Busa (wind synthesizer), Jeff Busch (drums/percussion) and Bren Plummer (bass).