The Kevin Show: Sound Effect, Episode 183 | KNKX

The Kevin Show: Sound Effect, Episode 183

Aug 10, 2019

This week on the show, Sound Effect producer Kevin Kniestedt hops in the host chair and shares some of his favorite stories that he has worked on for the show over the years. First, we hear Kevin in one of his earliest interviews, at the age of 3. Then, we hear how a Pierce County land developer became the host of the most famous radio show in the country. Next, a conversation with two friends who participated in a music video that paid tribute to their friend who was killed in a shooting at Seattle Pacific University. Also, Paul de Barros shares the story of the Black and Tan, an early Seattle music venue where African Americans could play, and welcomed an audience of all races. Finally, Kevin shares his story of his indecision of whether or not to punch a celebrity.