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Jazz Caliente: The Halloween Edition

Oct 26, 2018

For the Halloween edition of Saturday Jazz Caliente, I've sprinkled the playlist with music about a Peruvian/Bolivian devil, a Cuban spirit, and even one of Dracula's minions; specifically, his chauffeur.  Here's some background:

Album cover Diablo en Brooklyn
Credit artwork by Christian Braun

"Son de lo Diablo"  from trumpeter Gabriel Alegria's Afro Peruvian Sextet album Diablo en Brooklyn is based on a traditional "dance of the devils" celebrated in Peru and Bolivia.  In fact, there's a dispute between the two countries about the origin of the dance, but its roots are in the indigenous population of the region.  The ritual pre-dates colonial times and the designation of borders. 

El Guije is honored on a Cuban postage stamp (2012 Myths and Legends series)

"El Guije" is a tune named for the mythological Cuban sprite of the rivers.  He's said to be mischevious and playful, but never harmful.  He likes to take travelers by surprise, and serves as the protector of the mountain forests and animals.  We'll hear pianist Alfredo Rodriguez play "El Guije" with Esperanza Spalding on bass and sprite-ly vocals, from Alfredo's album The Invasion Parade.


I thought it would have been a hearse...

"Dracula's Chauffeur"  is a somewhat eerie romp through a Peruvian 12/8 rhythm called "festejo" mixed with a bit of straight-ahead jazz, courtesy of guitarist Richie Zellon and friends.  It's on the Metal Caribe album.

Watch out for the ghosts, goblins and witches! 

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