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It's Allium sativum time

Jun 22, 2011

In this Food for Thought I had a lot of fun lording it over Nancy Leson about my garlic garden.

I put 'em in the ground eight months ago and now my long wait is almost over. I'm harvesting over 90 garlic plants sometime within the next week or so. Unless you've had fresh garlic you just can't imagine how much better tasting it is than the stuff you get in the store.

This year I've got about 30 each of Chesnok Red, Bavarian Purple and Early Red Italian, each with its own distinctive flavor and heat level. Why it's enough to make a garlic-lover break out in song.

I see all sorts of gizmos in supermarkets and cooking gear stores for peeling garlic. Garlic peelers? You don't need no stinkin' garlic peelers. Just lay the flat of a broad bladed knife over the clove and give it a good thump with your fist. You'll be able to peel the paper right off. Get your hands wet first and it won't stick annoyingly to your fingers.

"With enough garlic you can eat the New York Times."

-- Morley Safer