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Inflatable dolls don't qualify for HOV lanes

May 4, 2011

An alert Washington State Patrol officer noticed something a little odd about the passenger in a car using the HOV lane in Federal Way Wednesday morning. "She" was an inflatable doll wearing a wig.

The trooper says the car quickly pulled out of the carpool lane as soon as it came into view.  Looking at the car, it was obvious that the passenger was a doll. 

The inflatable friend was buckled into the front passenger seat (wouldn't want to be ticketed for not wearing a seatbelt!), leaning to the right side and covered by a blanket to make it look like a sleepy commuter. Offering only an apology for his behavior, the driver was cited $124 dollars for violating the HOV lane.

I've been on road trips with people who were full of hot air, but....