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Hungry Again: Sound Effect, Episode 113

Aug 5, 2017

This week, stories of food and the people who love to make it. 

One More Round

In Ethiopian culture, drinking coffee is an extremely social affair. It's all about relaxing with friends and family. Seattle native Solomon Dubie wants to bring that to his Rainier Valley coffee shop, Cafe Avole. He gives us a taste of what it's like to drink from the traditional Ethiopian coffee pot, the jebena. 

Dinner In The Dark

There’s a saying among chefs that “you eat first with your eyes.” KNKX’s Ed Ronco and Ariel Van Cleave discovered just how true that is when they were forced to eat without their eyes – in the pitch dark. The two of them went out to dinner at the pop-up event, “Blind Café,” where diners have to get through a meal using their other senses. By the time they stumble back into the light, they’ve learned a thing or two about how we take in the world around us. 

That Brown Girl Cooks

Local chef Kristi Brown got her culinary start in Seattle. She's worked at many restaurants including the iconic Kingfish Cafe. "Hella Black Hella Seattle" podcast co-host Alaina Cladwell talks to Kristi about what led her to a life in food and how to make it as a young black chef. 

Just Coffee

If you owned a coffee shop you’d probably want to get the word out about when it’s open and where it’s located. Well, this is not the case for a small local business in Bellingham, Wash. In fact, this place is really a social experiment in disguise.

Chef Interrupted

Trevis Gleason was a Seattle chef at the top of his game, until a devastating diagnosis cost him his marriage and career. He talks with KNKX's Dick Stein about this loss and how he finally found clarity.

The Seattle Dog

The infamous “Seattle-dog” is an iconic entrée best enjoyed after traipsing around the city after dark. But where did this cream cheese laden hotdog come from? Sound Effect contributor Matthew Streib tracks down the food cart vendor who spearheaded the local trend.

Sound Effect is your weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by KNKX's Jennifer Wing.