How reliable are those extended, seasonal forecasts? | KNKX

How reliable are those extended, seasonal forecasts?

May 31, 2019

It's going to be a beautiful several days, and we can expect lots of sunshine. But as we look toward what's expected in the next week or month, there is some uncertainty. In KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass' blog post this week, he talks about the reliability of extended forecasts. He says forecasting models are "quite good" out about a week. 

"Our skill starts fading out probably from a week to maybe 10 days and then it goes bad," Mass said. "That's in terms of weather forecasting, forecasting specific weather systems. But then we have other models that attempt to forecast seasonly."

He explains these seasonal forecasts go out weeks or months, but the skill of these is not very good. Even though the skill isn't there yet, there are people trying to make the forecasts much more dependable.

"I'm working on research in this area, other people are as well," he said. "And we're hopeful that over the next decade we'll gain some more useful skill from approximately two weeks to a month out."

Until that happens, Mass suggests you have a healthy dose of skepticism as you read or hear about expectations for the summer. That said, he explains, the models are calling for Seattle to have a "wetter than normal summer." 

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