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Home alone! (Time for fried chicken!)

Jul 13, 2011

With my wife Calamity Cheryl off riding the range with her saddle bum pals I'm free to run wild in the kitchen.

And that means fried chicken.  Out of some misplaced sense of decency and iron will I have resisted using pure lard and gone instead with Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc at Home Buttermilk Fried Chicken cooked in healthful, sunshiny vegetable oil.  

I  found a guy who not only made the Keller version but also David Chang's Momofuku fried chicken – with pictures and everything and posted all online.  Check it out. 

In this Food for Thought I also chat with Nancy Leson about David Chang's new food quarterly Lucky Peach. Momofuku means "Lucky Peach," but it's also the name of the guy who invented instant packaged ramen – in which I discovered the secret for making those  chewy ramen noodles at home.  It's baked baking soda.  Really. 

What do you like to cook and eat when home alone and nobody needs to know?  Tell the world  right below where it says "comments."

“In general, I think, human beings are happiest at table when they are very young, very much in love or very alone. ”
– M.F.K. Fisher