Hear an outrageous tale about food? Better ‘Snopes’ that. | KNKX

Hear an outrageous tale about food? Better ‘Snopes’ that.

Jan 5, 2019


Eating an egg and a banana at the same time can kill you. Some lady found a fried rat in her bucket of chicken. That scone contains the anal secretions of beavers.

Wait — did you “Snopes” that?

The internet is full of myths and urban legends, and David Mikkelson has taken it on himself to correct the record. He’s a Tacoma resident and founder of the fact-checking website Snopes.com.

The site covers everything from politics to pop culture, and it contains a hefty section of food-related stories. Want to know whether you can survive on a diet of just potatoes and butter? Or whether school cafeterias are really serving “Grade-D” meat, suitable only for prisoners and students? Mikkelson and his team of researchers have dug into them all.

He sat down with Sound Effect host Gabriel Spitzer to recall some of his favorites, and offer a little perspective on what makes these food legends keep coming back around.