The Greyhounds Live Studio Session | KNKX

The Greyhounds Live Studio Session

Jun 20, 2017

The Greyhounds first came to national attention with the release of their 2016 album "Change of Pace," which features lush, yet airy psychedelic production, heart-wrenching songwriting and Stax-worthy soulful vocals. 

A duo out of Austin, Texas, the Greyhounds distinguish themselves with artful use of  loops and studio expertise that supports their mellow vibe. The uplifting spirit of their music is reminiscent of the soul era of the 1960s, but their grooves are 21st century Southern soul.

Keyboardist Anthony Farrell and guitarist Andrew Trube met when Farrell, just out of high school, answered a musician’s personal ad in the LA Weekly placed by Strube. It was the first call he made and after he auditioned his keyboards over the telephone, the two became friends and writing partners, generating a large catalog of songs that have been recorded by people like Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks.

After several years touring and recording with the Southern rock and soul band JJ Grey and Mofro, Farrell and Trube decided to go on their own. Strube describes the band’s sound as “ZZ Top meets Hall & Oates,” for their combination of Strube’s Texas Blues background and Farrell’s soul upbringing.

But that sells them short.  So I’ll go with “the Allman Brothers meets Curtis Mayfield” for the way they combine the loose, jamming sensibility of the Allman’s with the passion and political sensibility of a writer like Curtis Mayfield.

This is only the second time the Greyhounds have performed in the Northwest and stopped in at KNKX on their way to a show at the Tractor Tavern.