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Going Places: Visiting Venice, Yes, Even In The Busy Summer Season

Jun 1, 2017

The high season is approaching across much of Europe. Summertime crowds are swelling in the centers of Berlin, Paris and other major cities.

That’s also true in Venice. The city of canals is a must-see for many European travelers, and summer can be a difficult time to visit.

But KNKX travel expert Matthew Brumley says it’s all in where you spend your time.

“If you have to go to places that are, let’s say, over-loved during high season, you can still escape the crowds,” he said. “There are places in these hot spots that are jewels on the planet.”

Brumley spoke to us from the port of San Basilio, one of the parts of Venice where tourists don't spend as much time.

“If you stay away from the main hot spots, like the Piazza San Marco and the Ponte Rialto, and you get off into the little neighborhoods, you can still explore and find those quiet little areas,” he said. “Especially if you overnight here and spend a couple days.”

Teatro La Fenice, in Venice.
Credit Matthew Brumley

Brumley is fond of encouraging people to travel in less busy seasons. But he also recognizes not everyone has that ability. Teachers, for example, have very specific times of year they can travel. The same goes for parents and kids.

You can still make it work in the summertime.

“Still come, still enjoy these great cities,” Brumley said. “Explore them in the early mornings. Take a little stroll in the evening. Just soak it up and take in every little moment you can — just go.”