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Go green and leafy – bacon optional

Mar 21, 2012

Well, optional for you maybe.  Me, I like a nice hunk of bacon nestled in there with some slow-cooked collards.  I got  turned on to eating them with a few shakes of the hot pepper vinegar  on the counter at Lamar's, a greasy spoon I used to frequent in Biloxi.

For the longest time I cooked collards very briefly, just long enough to brighten them.  But lately I've reverted to a Southern style recipe more like what I used to get at Lamar's and let them simmer a little longer till they turn darker.  Those are the only kind of greens I do like that way, though.  For everything else the briefer the the better. 

Washing Greens

I think the best way to wash greens is to half fill the sink with cold water and let them soak a while, then swish them around and  drain in a colander.   Something I've noticed when doing this – especially with collards and kale –  are the beautiful silvery air bubbles than form on the leaf surfaces.  They look just like little blobs of mercury.  When I mentioned that to Nancy in this week's Food for Thought she wondered if I were high on something.  Hmph.

"A vegetable garden in the beginning looks so promising and then after all little by little it grows nothing but vegetables, nothing, nothing but vegetables."

–Gertrude Stein