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Getting ready for the storm

Feb 23, 2011

With frigid temperatures and up to six inches of snow bearing down on the Puget Sound region, transit agencies are getting ready.

The latest forecast says the snow is likely to arrive a little later than previously thought. That means evening commuters may escape the brunt of the blast.

Tom Pearce -- with Snohomish Community Transit -- says its buses are operating on regular routes, for now …

"We intend to do so for as long as weather conditions allow," he says. "We do expect freezing temperatures to arrive in the early evening hours which would create icy conditions, and that could cause delays throughout the system."

 Snow has been falling on and off all day in Tacoma and other areas of Pierce County. Lind Simonsen with Pierce Transit says that’s led officials there to play it safe and put the whole system on snow routes until at least tomorrow morning.

"If nothing else it's going to be very cold tonight, so we'll have icy streets in the morning."

King County Metro Transit has brought in extra workers and is prepared to put tire chains on buses and activate snow routes, if necessary.

Bus riders are advised to sign up online for transit advisories to stay on top of changing conditions.