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Get Lost: Sound Effect, Episode 77

Aug 20, 2016

This week on Sound Effect, we get lost. We bring you stories from people told to move on and from folks who are actually disorientated.

Goodbye, Gabe

We say, "See you later" to Sound Effect's Gabriel Spitzer, who is heading down to California for a year-long journalism fellowship. KPLU's Jennifer Wing will take the reins as Sound Effect's interim host while Gabe is away.

Welcome Home; Now Leave

In the 1950s, Ray and Marion West bought a house in Seattle's University District to rent to students of color, many of whom were barred from apartments in the area. Marion and her daughter Kathleen reminisce on the haven the Wests created for the UW's multiethnic community and what it was like when the neighborhood decided they were no longer welcome.

Her Personal Bermuda Triangle

KPLU's Dick Stein is someone who could get lost on a treadmill. His wife, however, can pretty much find her way out of anything. Stein shares an essay about how this human GPS is afraid of getting lost in only one, strange place: Normandy Park.

The Brain's Compass

There are millions of cells in our brains with the sole purpose of preventing us from losing our way. University of Washington psychology professor Sheri Mizumori explains how these cells work and why some people get lost more than others.

The Good Side Of Getting Lost

For people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s, there is a lot of loss. However a new program at Seattle's Frye Art Museum helps people with dementia and Alzheimer’s get lost, in a good way, through art. We hear from program founder Mary Jane Knecht about how people get a relief from their disease at the museum.

A Friend In Need

Have you ever wanted to clean up your Facebook page and un-friend almost everyone? Seattle-based writer Melanie McFarland tells this story of when she told her online connections to get lost.

Sound Effect is your weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by KPLU's Jennifer Wing.