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Food For Thought's Favorite Store-Bought Treats In Jars

Jun 20, 2018

In this week's FfT, Nancy Leson and I talk about stuff we like in jars and bottles. Nancy hails the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables at farmers markets.  But when it comes to preserves and condiments her favorites are on supermarket shelves.

Like the Edmond Fallot Tarragon Dijon Mustard she swoons for.  I suggested she just get some Grey Poupon and mix in her own tarragon.  "Not the same," she pooh-poohed.  Fine.  But I'm adding Ed's mustard to the list of blindfold taste tests I've been challenging her to over the years.

Supermarket staple Mezzetta cherry peppers, both sweet and hot, are high on my list.  I eat them whole, seeds and all,  And they make a great Pork Chops with Vinegar Peppers.  Philly native Nancy loves pickled cherry peppers too, and told me they're a must for the true Cheese Steak sandwich.  That said, when it comes to pickled peppers in these parts, her preferred brand is Mama Lil's, grown and made in Washington's Yakima Valley.

Another bottled favorite of mine is Beaver Extra Hot Horseradish, from Hillsboro, Oregon's Beaverton Foods.  I would describe its bouquet as akin to vaporized razor blades.  I love the stuff.

One thing Nance and I agree we'd never buy ready made is  preserved lemons.  They're so easy to make.  There's tons of preserved lemon recipes online, including Paula Wolfort's.

"A man that lives on pork, fine flour bread, rich pies and cakes, and condiments, drinks tea and coffee, and uses tobacco might as well try to fly as be chaste in thought."  – John Harvey Kellogg