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Food for Thought: We Call Dibs On Ribs

Feb 24, 2016

Just a few Food for Thoughts ago in our Restaurant Round-up, Nancy Leson mentioned the cumin-chili ribs at Seattle's Stateside Restaurant.  They sounded so good that for a brief, madcap moment, I actually considered making the schlep north from the City of Destiny. 

But then, in a flash of ribbitty serendipity, I didn't have to.

Because there they were in Mandy Lee's hilariously profane Ladyandpups food blog -- where we got that great homemade pastrami recipe.  These Northern Chinese back ribs were every bit as good.  They're first marinated a few hours in soy, ginger, crushed star anise, brown sugar and salt.  Then, steam for 40 minutes.  Cut the rack into individual ribs, sprinkle with flour and brown quickly in a little oil.  Finish by tossing in lightly sauteed garlic, ginger, chilies and cumin. 

Sound good?  Here's the full recipe.  Which Nancy claimed was unclear in parts.  I thought Lee's directions were simplicity itself and that Nancy was just a big crybaby.  Take a look and see what you think. 

We both admitted chickening out on the amount of cumin and chilies Mandy calls for -- and that she was right in the first place and next time we're going all-in with those ingredients.

"...any form of scanty meats adhering to a disproportionate amount of bones, that requires bare hands and  sheer fangs to tear down, I’m there. "   – Mandy Lee