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Food For Thought: Summer Drinking Through Rosé-Colored Glasses

Jun 22, 2016

"I do like to have a nice summer quaff," says Nancy Leson.  My Food for Thought pard goes on to explain that "At our house, what we drink in the summertime is really different than what we drink in the winter."  

What's that?  Read on, dear reader, if you would know.

Leson says her favorite winter drink is a Negroni, which she claims she liked before they were fashionable.  Not only did I not know that Negronis were fashionable, I didn't even know what a Negroni was.  But as Nancy likes to point out, when it comes to cocktails I've been "outta town" for years.  And for summer?

"A gin and tonic.  The gin would be Hendricks and the tonic would be Q, which to me is so delicious and also so expensive," says Nance.  No lie.  I've never seen the stuff in a store but a 12-pack of 20-ounce cans is $58.88 at Amazon.  That's about $4 a can.

Nance also loves a dry rose in the summer.  Some of her favorites are pictured above.

DeGroot and I are not big drinkers, though when we are drinking we think we should do more of it.  With  tons of mint in the garden we like a summertime Mojito now and then. One or two of those and I'm ready to grow a big white beard, write novels and go shark fishing off Cuba.  We make our Mojitos with giant ice cubes.  They're more like tubes than cubes, really, and about the size of my fist.  They last longer, dilute less.  I'll never go back to boring old regular size cubes again.

But why settle for boring, monochromatic ice when you can have cubes that light up in colors?

"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk.  That will teach you to keep your mouth shut."

– Ernest Hemingway.