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Food For Thought: Sniff, Memory!

Apr 19, 2017

Nothing evokes memory like smells.  Nancy Leson says one whiff of mint, and she's suddenly 6 again.  My ticket to 6 is a strong snort off a box of Crayolas.  Try it sometime.

One of my favorite food smell memories is that of the sizzling minute steaks in the highly air-conditioned Corky's, a North Miami eatery of my '50s childhood.  Another is of onion soup exhaust-fanned onto a freezing Quebec street.  That aroma grabbed me by the nose and dragged right in for a hot bowlful.  I guess I've just got a thing for warm food in cold environments.  Not always, though.

One of my least favorite would be the smell of boiling seal meat.  But that's a story for another day.  

What are your most and least favorite food smell memories?

"A nose that can see is worth two that can sniff."  -- Eugene Ionesco

This story originally aired May 8, 2013