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Food For Thought: Nancy's Thrift Shop Triumph

Nov 4, 2015

Nancy and I start off this week's Food For Thought wondering where all the kids were on Halloween. La Leson thinks they were all at the mall getting sugared up by wily merchants. All I know is that DeGroot and I are now stuck with five pounds of Necco wafers that aren't going to eat themselves. 

But wait, there’s more.

From there, we moved to Nancy's latest thrift shop triumph.  It's a vintage K45SS KitchenAid mixer from the days when Hobart built them — powerful enough to mix concrete. 

If you know about the general dissatisfaction with Whirlpool-made KS mixers – discussed in our, "Has the KitchenAid Lost Its Mojo?” episode early this year – you'll agree that the Hobart was a real steal at $80. 

All of which proves that good scores can still be made at thrift stores.  And you don't even have to go in person.  Goodwill has an auction site.

Nancy's thrilled with her new mixer and can't wait to mix up the dough for her famous Thanksgiving rolls.  Which brings us to my plans for Thanksgiving – a turkey that looks like a rolled up sleeping bag.

Credit J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

I found the recipe on for turkey porchetta.

It's a boned turkey breast, seasoned and rolled up in its own skin.  You brown it in a skillet, then roast at low speed.  It looks really cool and will be easy to carve. 

But of course the main reason I'm doing it is because making it looks like a lot of fun.   There are detailed instructions and a step-by-step slideshow.  What could go wrong?  I'll let you know on Dec. 3.

"When turkeys mate they think of swans." – Johnny Carson