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Food for Thought: Nancy's holiday stock-up strategies

Nov 21, 2018

If "strategies" means running out and buying mass quantities of every kitchen staple in sight at this time of year, that's Nancy Leson's strategy. Nance claims all that stuff pictured above is cheaper this time of year.

In this Thanksgiving week FfT we discuss that, as well as my final decision on vegetable peelers, our hoped-for demise of pumpkin spice everything, the relative virtues of rolled versus flat parchment paper, Wondra versus roux, and how to avoid political topics at holiday dinners. (Hint: It's Seahawks-centric).

Nance likes to buy up the two-fer rolls of Kirkland parchment paper that Costco features this time of year.  The price may be right, but I prefer the pre-cut flat sheets.  I've been spoiled ever since my sister Debbie sent me a giant case of them after she quit her fancy cake-baking career to become Hospitality Queen of Maryland. 

That was five years ago and I'm only just now running out.  This would be a good time to take Leson's advice and buy a couple of those big rolls, but I just like those flat (Nancy: "More expensive") sheets better.

Also in this episode: Nancy's one-up on DeGroot's clever idea for traveling leftovers.

"Thanksgiving, man.  Not a good day to be my pants." – Kevin James