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Food for Thought: Looking back on 12 years

Mar 6, 2019

Nancy Leson says that adds up to 550-plus Food for Thoughts. Which is a lot more thought than I normally give to anything other than food. On this week’s we talk about just a few of our favorite episodes, recipes and food sites.

Trigger warning! Some of the links below connect to episodes produced under obsolete call letters. 

Right up there among our favorite shows is the one we did on the homemade pastrami recipe from Mandy Lee’s Lady and Pups site. We both had great success with it, as did a number of listeners. L&P is one of our favorite sites. Nancy says she’d like to make Mandy’s cumin ribs every week.

Another favorite was the Iceberg Lettuce and Blue Cheese Layer Cake I found on Deb Perelman’s Smitten Kitchen. Keep it in mind for the hot summer months ahead.

The mention of iceberg lettuce naturally made me think of our tribute to the bologna sandwich. Nance likes hers fried. I prefer mine au natural with perhaps just a single perfect square of American cheese. Which sparked the happy memory of the "one Cheez-It to rule them all" episode, in which I made a Cheez-It the size of an LP cover.

Leson still claims that our Great Bagel Bake-Off contest pitting my three-day process against her one-hour miracle bagels came out a tie. I have chosen to let her believe that.

Mine were better.
Credit The Lovely & Talented Cheryl DeGroot / KNKX

And how could I ever forget my first live oyster? We even took video.  

There's several years of FfTs archived at,  Just look for the Food for Thought subhead on the right side of the home page and start clicking. And while you’re there, drop off a few bucks for our Spring Fund Drive. It's right up at the top of this page.   Thanks.

“Gluttony is not a secret vice.” – Orson Welles