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Food for Thought: Holy Sheetpans!

May 25, 2016

Kitchen queen Nancy Leson claims that size does matter.  She thinks my tried and true sheetpan, pictured above, is (sob)...  inadequate.  Sheetpan snobbery, I calls it.  She'd never even have known had it not been for...

The "Save KPLU Dim Sum and Then Some" event at the Federal Way home of  88-5 stalwarts John and Joan.  Nancy and I demoed some dumpling recipes and invited the punters to try their hands at rolling, stuffing and folding the wrappers.  Nance provided a bag full of official authentic Bazerkawood wrapper rollers.  I just brought my sawed-off broomstick.

I made the crusty radish dumplings from Mandy Lee's Lady and Pups blog. They're favorites of mine for the daikon/pork filling.  Their "big hug" fold makes for a larger,  flatter bottom surface for more and better browning.

We assembled the completed dumplings onto sheetpans.  Which was when Nancy realized hers were bigger than mine.  And said so.  Perhaps more loudly than was strictly necessary.  Until then I'd always thought my battered but serviceable sheet pan perfectly adequate .  Nevertheless she's vowed to equip me with something larger. 

Until that happy day, I guess I'll just have to seek counseling for my shameful secret.

"Burnt and experienced hands are more important than vessels in the kitchen." – Nikita Dudani