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Food for Thought: Dos and don'ts for dining out

Dec 25, 2019

"All the chefs think they know how to season your meal," complains Nancy Leson about the disappearance of salt and pepper shakers from restaurant tabletops. 

That's never bothered me.  Mainly because I think the chefs do know how to season my meal.  But for those who want it saltier, Nance has the solution: Bring your own.   

That and other restaurant-going tips and tricks, dos and don'ts in this week's Food for Thought.

Nancy has strong feelings about the best place to sit at a sushi restaurant, the courteous thing to do with your napkin at the end of the meal, what to do when you don't like your table, why you should trust your bartender, and what to order when you don't. 

I'm more the home cooking guy and Leson pretty much covers the eating-out stuff,  but I do have one restaurant observation to share:  In my experience the phrase "cooked to perfection" on a menu is usually cause for concern.

"Avoid restaurants with names that are improbable descriptions, such as the Purple Goose, the Blue Kangaroo or the Quilted Orangutan."    – Calvin Trillin