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Food lovers on a diet

Jan 26, 2011

They’ve looked in the mirror, and the mirror’s not only looking back, it's talking back. Dick “The Big Eater” Stein and Nancy “All You Can Eat” Leson both say it’s time to diet. In fact, they've already started.

Nancy’s signed up for the plan that makes it a little easier when you are paid to eat:  the Weight Watchers point system, where nature’s veggie and fruit harvest counts low on their point system.

Stein? He was hoping to look like David Niven at this point in his life. Instead he’s looking a little more like Orson Welles. (He’s exaggerating, a little). Despite his pronouncement of being on a diet of ball bearings, Stein's toting more carrots and boiled eggs with him these days.

How do you stay on a diet when you’re a food writer? Nancy says it’s manageable: smaller portions, good choices. The payoff? Feeling better, which she says is already the case. 

Your diet successes - and failures - ? Dick and Nancy say they'll share their progress in the coming weeks. In the spirit of Anderson Cooper, we'll be keepin' 'em honest!

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