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Following the Fish

Dec 1, 2010

Ever wonder how your favorite restaurants make sure they have the freshest seafood ready to serve to you? Dick and Nancy take you on a journey from the boat (and the airfreight cargo office) to the table, and follow one of the regions top seafood proprietors on this week's Food for Thought.

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Once you could find the freshest catch on city waterfronts. While you'll still find vendors there in Seattle, much of the commerce has moved to airport freight terminals at SeaTac. But some stalwart local businesses that have practiced the craft of fine seafood prep and handling are where the action is.

Nancy followed the daily delivery route of Gene Ikeda with Mutual Fish Co., a family-owned and supported seafood palace in the city's Rainier Valley. From north to south around town, Nancy finds its Ikeda's hands that deliver your fish to the city's top kitchens.

Nancy will introduce you to more of the top names in fresh fish on her Seattle Times' blog, All You Can Eat.