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Family And Friends Blend Spanish Music And Jazz

Jul 16, 2017

Barçelona natives and Seattle residents since 2014, Marina Albero and Serena Dominguez were joined by Evan Flory-Barnes in a Ballard Jazz Walk concert during the 15th Annual Ballard Jazz Festival in May.  They performed and improvised on a variety of music including references to Spanish traditional and classical music as well as original music by all three performers in solo, duo and trio settings.  One highlight was "La Finestra," a song by Marina Albera's father and Serena Dominguez' grandfather, Mariano Albero. 

Jazz Northwest is recorded and produced by Jim Wilke exclusively for 88.5 KNKX and  After broadcast, programs may be streamed on demand at      The attached photos are from the Ballard Jazz Walk performance on May 19, 2017.

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