Down The Rabbit Hole: Sound Effect, Episode 131 | KNKX

Down The Rabbit Hole: Sound Effect, Episode 131

Dec 15, 2018

This show originally aired on January 6, 2018 

This week on Sound Effect, take a trip down a rabbit hole. It all started when contributor Warren Langford brought to our attention a man who was trying to track down a mystery disco musician on a cassette he found. That led us to Seattle’s first openly-operated gay disco bar in Seattle, Shelly’s Leg, and the story behind the owner, Shelly Bauman. In researching Shelly’s Leg, we came across a rumor about a relative of our current President, which is quickly debunked by a local historian. What wasn’t a rumor, however, was that this relative was involved in the short-lived mining town of Monte Cristo, Washington. We conclude our trip down the rabbit hole by talking to that same historian about a man who started the first self-serve grocery store in Seattle, only to suffer from PTSD from World War I. 

"Sound Effect" is your weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by KNKX's Gabriel Spitzer.